Contact us if you still have a question about your building requirements.

How many years of experience do you have?

As owner of Stan Morrison Builders, 35 years and counting on a wide range of projects from small residential to very large civil projects.

Qualifications: Diploma in Construction Management, Diploma in Quantity Surveying and the solid foundation for all construction roles, trade certificate in carpentry & certificate 4 building NSW.

What services do you specialise in?

We specialise in renovations, extensions and custom built new homes. We also do additions to residential and commercial properties including commercial fit outs and structural repairs. When required during natural disasters we under take insurance repairs, make safes and detailed scope of works.

We also offer design services for customers who have great ideas but no plans or documents. We take care of council compliance all the way through to construction completion.

Can you provide us with a quote for our project ?

Yes. We normally ask a series of questions to see if the project suits us both. Quotations are a major overhead cost item to us. As such an understanding of what is required by both parties needs to be established. Call us to discuss.

How long will the quote take ?

If the project is a medium sized residential home, the quote can take 1-4 weeks depending on how complete the plans and documents are and how many sub contractors are involved. Smaller works that don't require detailed sub contractor pricing normally take 2-3 days depending on how busy we are.

Will you come over and have a look at our project and offer some advice ?

Yes, of course. However, we cant consult for free as such we charge a call out fee which is deducted if you decide to engage us. For medium to large projects we recommend paying for the Bill of Quantities service we provide. With this service you will be presented with a full comprehensive breakdown of costs. Each trade category will be priced and a summary of costs provided with the overall total cost for the project.

Will we be able to live in the house during renovations ?

If you are very adaptable and can live with out a kitchen or bathroom for a short period of time the answer is yes. Recently we completed a renovation in Cremorne where the owners moved their kitchen and cooking facilities into the lounge and the second bathroom was their wash up area. During structural medium to large renovations, living in is not an option. It will not be productive for both the builder or the client.

How long will my project take to build?

Most medium sized renovations and extensions can take between 15-20 weeks. Larger renovation projects can take up to 30 weeks plus. New homes are dependent on size and design. We use project planning software, combined with years of experience and reliable sub contractors to keep your construction programme on track.

Do you carry any builders plant & equipment for your projects?

Our builders plant includes scaffold towers, demo saws, jack hammers, 9x5 tipper trailer, planks and temporary fencing. Charges are current market hire cost. Various carpentry tools, nail guns, drops saws, power tools, battery operated tools, hand tools, ladders & barrows are supplied to the project at NO cost to the customer.

What happens if someone is hurt on your projects?

Our aim is to avoid injury at all times. As such we engage in the Master Builders health and safety system. We carry all the necessary first aid equipment and we are first aid qualified. We are fully insured. We take the safety of our employees and subcontractors working our projects seriously. No white card or no insurance equals no start. 

What are your hourly rates?

Happy to discuss our competitive rates over the phone or in person.

How many men do you have?

We gear up and gear down due to the amount of work on. As a general rule, a team of 3 carpenters and 1 labourer can service a small to medium sized residential project and be highly productive. Stan Morrison oversees all projects and is onsite as required to move the project to completion and take care of the customers requirements.

Do you have any references I can call ?

Yes, upon request. Please also review our testimonials on our home page. 

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